Using this page, you can contribute a formula to OdorSpace. We cannot promise you that we will publish your formula on OdorSpace, but we will try. Once we do, it will become public information, and by contributing, you agree to that.

Component CID Is component a dilution %Dilution Component perceived intensity % of component in formula Operations
You can add a list of molecules, include them in a csv with columns for CID | %Dilution | Component perceived intensity | % of component in formula.
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: csv.

Table Completion Instructions:

Here enter the PubChem compound identifier number

Is component a dilution
Tick this box if the component you are adding is already itself in a dilution, for example, "10% limonene in IPM". 

% Dilution
Only if you ticked the above box, then enter the dilution value here. For example, if your component was "10% limonene in IPM", write "10"

Component perceived intensity
Here you enter the perceived intensity of the component. You can get a sense of the scale we use by looking at the default values suggested by for recommended smelling dilution. Here please rate your component for perceived intensity. This rating does not need to be very accurate, but rather a rough estimation will do. To calibrate your estimation, consider the following "standards":

Methyl isoeugenol (CID: 7128) at 100% = Very Weak (between 1 and 15)

PEA (CID: 6054) at 100% or Beta-ionone (CID: 638014) at 100% = Weak (between 16 and 36)

para-cresyl isobutyrate (CID: 7685) at 100% = Intermediate (between 37 and 61)

Isovaleric acid (CID: 10430) at 1% or Eugenol (CID: 3314) at 10% = Strong (between 62 and 85)

Citral (CID: 638011) at 100% = Very Strong (between 86 and 100)

% of component in formula
This is straight forward, for example, if half of your formula is "10% limonene in IPM", then here write "50". Note: this column should add up to 100, and if it doesn't, we will assume the remainder is IPM. This column cannot add up to more than 100.